1 Month Package

1 Month Package

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Enough food for 2 people of average weight and size, for 1 month (and possibly longer, as rationing may vary from person to person). This is similar to the 10 Day Package, except with additional items as well as quantities of items!

Each item is chosen for its health benefits and long shelf life. Brands may vary over time, depending on market supply, but high quality will always be selected. Images are a reflection of the food, not an accurate portrayal on how they'll be delivered.

Below are the items, weight, and quantity of each that are part of the 1 Month Package. Our guarantee is that they all have benefits of:

 high quality

✓ healthiness

✓ long shelf life

Canned Beef Stew 410 g 4
Canned Ground Beef 400 g 2
Canned Pineapple Juice 1.36 L 3
Canned Tomatoes 800 g 2
Canned Tuna 100 g 20
Canned Vegetable Barley Soup 400 ml 5
Cereal (Wholegrain) 1 kg 2
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 L 1
Honey (Wildflower) 1 L 1
Jam (Four Fruits) 250 ml 1
Milk (Shelf Life) 1 L 2
Mixed Nuts 680 g 2
Natural Spring Water 10 L 5
Noodles (Rice) 450 g 3
Oats (Large Flake) 1 kg 1
Pasta (Angel's Hair) 500 g 2
Pasta (Risoni) 500 g 2
Pasta (Spaghetti) 500 g 3
Peanut Butter (Natural) 500 g 2
Pink Himalayan Salt 500 g 1
Rice (White) 1.5 kg 1

    1% of sales go directly to the homeless

    People who have to worry about where their food comes from, every single day.